Custom Logo

Custom Logo

Logo Option

From simple to extra, we can accomodate your branding needs seemlessly. Pick your poison, give us baseline details, then we will build it out for you. 


Keep It SimpleText Based Logo with no Frills, no images. Let the Font do the Talking!


Kinda BasicPrimary/Standard Logo Only. Images/Icons plus text. Up to 2 Fonts Used


DeluxePrimary/Standard Logo, plus Submark/Secondary Logo​*

*Submark Logo is a secondary logo that is optimized for social media and smaller application areas.


PremierPrimary/Standard Logo, plus Submark/Secondary Logo​* and Text Logo*

*Text Logo is the detached text portion of your primary logo. This is optimized and resized.


Cartoon- Any cartoon style logo* with or without text.

*Will require a brief consultation to go over details of order and expectations. Images will be gathered after purchase.

  • Consultation Requirements

    In some instances, a consultation will be needed, so please continuosly check your email for communication. Please feel free to email inspiration to or set up a consultation on our booking page immediately after your purchase. 

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