Frequently asked questions

What are the deposit/payment requirements?

We are in the business of customization. As such, we cannot recoup lost time or clients due to working with a select number of clients at a time. That said, we do require payment upfront. The guidelines are as follows:

  • For all orders, 100% of the balance is due.
  • For all event coordinating services:
    • 25% of the balance is due for Full Service Wedding Coordination
    • The final balance is always due 21 days before the event for any service
      • If not paid, all services will stop;
      • We are willing to work with you on a payment plan, but if you do not honor your agreement you are subject to legal actions and cancellation of event with no refund.

How many edits do I get? What should I expect with edits?

Edits can cause delays. Let's start there! That said, we want to ensure that you are receiving the absolute best projects and outcomes possible for you. Every custom graphic design project will receive up to 5 edits. If we must extend beyond the 5 edits, you can purchase 3 additional edits for $15. It is important that you are thorough and comprehensive with your requests, and try to avoid multiple small edits (example: change the font only knowing you want to change the design structure as well). Wrap all of your requests and vision changes into one. You get 5 edits TOTAL; not per concept. You will want to merge concpets, ideas, and modicifications at one time. Each change to each concept will count as one.

What is the Cancellation and Refund Policy?

All clients are entitled to cancel their orders within 48 hours (2 calendar days). After that time, no refunds will be issued. CBM receives many inquiries and project requests, so by honoring your space, we are risking other potential clients. As such, we cannot offer you a refund if you cancel for personal reasons ( including changing your mind).

  • If you are not pleased with the initial graphic design concepts, please trust the editing process. We will work on your vision together, so you must think about your vision in advance.
  • If you are not pleased with your event planning service, please communicate discontent as soon as possible, and as comprehensively as possible.
  • If you do not provide us with the materials, content, or information needed to accomplish your project, you will not receive a refund if the project is not able to be completed.
The only time that a refund will be issued is if CBM fails to deliver you concepts, promised materials, or we are outside of the promised window without communication of the cause. Considerations:
  • While we wish that we could please every client, we cannot 100% guarantee you will love your designs. If at the end of the editing process you are not pleased, we cannot offer you a refund, but a reasonable in-house credit will be considered.
  • If you provided wrong information and a product was delivered, you will not receive a refund or credit.
  • If there was any design work done along with edits, there will absolutely no refunds or credits.
  • If a refund is issued due to the designer's fault, please allow 7-10 business days for refunds.

Hours of Operation and Communication

CBM may be a small business, but we certainly have office hours. We are open for communication Monday-Friday, 10am-7pm, EXCEPT Wednesday, we are open 10am-2pm.

  • If you send a message or call outside of those hours, you MAY not receive a response.
    • We often work outside of those hours, so you may receive communication, but will not receive an immediate response. In the same way that automated services issue communication at all hours, as may we.
    • We will respond to you accordingly when we are open again.
  • Please allow up to 48 business hours for correspondence.
  • We acknowledge all major holidays, with the additional noted hours:
    • Closed at 3 pm the day before Thanksgiving
    • Closed Thanksgiving and the day after
    • Closed at 3 pm on the day before Christmas
    • Closed Christmas and the day after
  • Preferred communication
    • Please communicate with us through email or phone only
    • If you contact via social media, you will be redirected to contact me through these channels
Thank you for respecting our time with family and resting periods.

What are the turnaround times?

They will vary. That said, you will receive your concepts for all design projects within 7-10 business days (except websites, see next question). Your finalized products or design will be issued after final approval, so please account for editing time. Most design projects should be completed within 21-30 calendar days (with edits). All payments submitted after 2pm will begin the production window the next business day. Please note: if you have a cusom decor or design request, it must be submitted and paid within 10 business days of due date. If it is outside of those 10 business days, you are subject to rush fees.

What do I need to know about websites?

  1. To have a website done properly, it takes time. Please be patient.
    • The average 3 page informational website will take 21-25 days, and 2-4 days per page, thereafter. Stores, booking, and other websites that require back office accomodations will take around 25-30 days. All of these windows do not include editing time, but are initial set up time.
  2. Once you book us for a website design, you will receive this checklist.
    1. This checklist is designed to prepare you for what will be needed.
    2. The turnaround time commences from the date you submit required documents, language, and edits; not from date of payment.
  3. We have a limited number of slots for website design per month. It is encouraged that you pay your deposit to secure your space, otherwise you may not be placed in the queue until the following month (we will let you know in advance).
  4. We do manage the website for you after designed for a fee. To learn more about the fees, please ask during consultation.
  5. You will not plug in payment information for the website until you approve of the design. We do not access or request your financial information EVER.
  6. If you need changes or additions to the website after the design has been approved, there will be a fee.
  7. All website costs are for the design and SEO optimization only. This does not include your monthly/annual hosting costs or your domain registration. We can accomodate these things for you for an additional fee.

Release Information

While we will ask you out of courtesy if we can share you designs across our platforms in advance, if you need a specific delay, please let us know in advance. As a reminder, you own the design once it is approved/completed. However, we still reserve the right to showcase our work for marketing purposes. Business: We make every effort to keep with the personalized and custom spirit of our client's work. We believe in your being creatively unique, but your design may inspire another's. Rest assured, we will NEVER give someone else your exact design.

Delivery and Pick Up

For physical products, we will be happy to ship items to you. As of December 1, 2018, we are no longer doing local meet ups, and anything that is not picked up from our office will be charged a delivery fee. Exception: If there is a production delay from CBM, and delivery is no longer a feasible option. In this case, we will make accomodations for the fatest receipt of your product(s).

Payments and Invoicing

All invoices are itemized. You will have the availability to review the terms and conditions. $CashApp is only accepted for specials during Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Black Friday-Christmas, but must be approved in advance. This option is also available for returning clients.

M-F 10AM-7PM

W- 10AM- 2PM